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  • Carpet Cleaning that is Safe for children and pets
  • Extend the useful life of your carpets

High Quality Carpet Cleaning in Waukesha WI

We provide quality carpet cleaning services in Waukesha, WI and the surrounding areas. People love Heaven's Best because of our exceptional service and effective low moisture cleaning process. Give us a call at 414-202-8515 for a free quote today!

How Do We Clean Carpets in Waukesha?

The first step to a good carpet cleaning is vacuuming. Unfortunately, most companies skip that step. Our crew members start every appointment by vacuuming (including the edges) with powerful commercial vacuums to remove loose soil, hair, dander, and other particles so they don't get spread around during the cleaning.


Next, they mix up a pretreatment with hot water. The pretreatment is an enzyme that activates in hot water and breaks down dirt, grease and soil in your carpet fibers. We may ask to use your kitchen sink to mix up this enzyme.


After the enzyme works for a few minutes, crew members will spray our signature, citrus-based cleaning solution. We also include a FREE mild orange deodorizer in our cleaning solution, which leaves your carpets looking and smelling great. Next, we bring in a floor buffer with absorbent pads to scrub the carpets, remove dirt and stains, and pick up the cleaning solutions we sprayed down.


So where does the dirt go? It gets picked up by our absorbent pads and taken away from your home! Crew members will swap out the dirty pads for clean ones as they are working.


Finally, we rake the carpets to stand up the fibers and help carpets dry faster (in about 1 hour!). This final grooming also removes the swirl marks from the buffing action.


We also offer pet enzyme treatments and stain protector, so be sure to ask for those treatments if you are interested.


Are There Benefits to Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning?

Why do we use our low moisture method? Because it works! There are dozens of steam cleaners in Waukesha. But we find that our low moisture carpet cleaning delivers better, longer lasting results.


Our method allows carpets to dry in just 1 hour. That means you can get back to your normal life instead of waiting 12+ hours for your carpets to dry.


Plus, it's environmentally friendly! We use about 10% as much water as a steam cleaner, and we don't have to dump waste water in your yard or down your drains.


How Long Will My Appointment Take?

Our crew members don't waste any time. After a quick walkthrough to determine what areas need to be cleaned, they spring to work vacuuming and moving furniture as needed. An average appointment will only take about 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on the condition of the carpets.


It can be inconvenient to have people working in your home and disrupting your day. That's why we work quickly, quietly, and efficiently to get your carpets cleaned and let you get back to your life!


How Much Does It Cost to Have My Carpets Cleaned?

You may have noticed that carpet cleaning prices in Waukesha are all over the map! Some companies will quote you as low as $10 per room, but that price skyrockets when they walk in the door and sell you pretreatment, deodorizer, etc.


Not with Heaven's Best. Our prices always include: vacuuming, pretreatment, cleaning and deodorizing. Everything you need to do the job right.


Our rates are based on the number of rooms, halls, steps, etc. For smaller jobs, it may just be our $100 minimum. An average customer in Waukesha will spend about $175. Give us a call today for a custom quote: 414-202-8515


What Are Customers in Waukesha Saying About Heaven's Best?

Customers in Waukesha love us! See for yourself on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. We hear from customers every day that they enjoy our 1-hour dry time, courteous crew members, on time appointments, and the results we deliver.

I was very pleased with the two gentlemen that came and did the rooms They were both patient and courteous and in my opinion professional.

~ Jonathan - Waukesha WI

If you want excellent service and more importantly stellar results, call Heaven's Best. I was blown away last year when they cleaned my sister's very filthy carpet; I could not believe the results, absolutely fabulous. I called him again for a job at my rental (10/2017). I was just shocked, amazed how clean his crew got my 30 plus year old carpet on the stairs. I had them cleaned in the past, and you couldn't tell their was attempt. So, if you want a job well done, call Heaven's Best, you will not be disappointed.

~ Cathy - Waukesha WI

Had our 2nd cleaning w/ Heaven's Best this weekend and once again, they offered over-the-top, exceptional service with carpets that were dry w/in an hour. 100% outstanding service. We will absolutely use them again in the future. Incredibly well done. Thank you so very much.

~Alicia - Waukesha WI

My carpets look great! And so does the futon!! I will recommend you as often as I can!! Thank you so very much!!

~ Karen - Waukesha WI

Great service!! Will definitely recommend services to family and friends. Thanks again! :)

~ Crystal - Waukesha WI

I had my couch cleaned and Heaven's Best did a good job! Very friendly! However, after the couch dried there were some stain spots left. Heaven's Best came back and touched up the couch looks new! Very satisfied with service!

~ Kyle - Waukesha WI

Everything was amazing! Best carpet cleaning ever!!

~ Jonelle - Waukesha WI

Reuben and Walter were very professional. The carpets looked 10 times better than before. Thanks again for cleaning my carpets.

~ Chad - Waukesha WI

Price and communication in setting up the appointment. Thank you!

~ Kay - Waukesha WI

Very nice job, carpets look great. No more pet smells either.

~ Cathy - Waukesha WI

The techs were very helpful and friendly and they were done very quick. Great job!

~ Jenna - Waukesha WI

Owner Reuben directly involved, very responsive and flexible, competitive price, first hand on-site supervision. Highly recommend!

~ Steve - Waukesha WI

Fast, great, friendly service! Looking forward to making another appt in the future.

~ Jaclyn - Waukesha WI

No monkey business with billing. The price quoted over the phone is the price I paid.

Communication was excellent. The field team was going to be early and called to get my approval first.

Team leader was personable and courteous.

You can bet I'll be back. Will mention this company to my apartment complex manager.

~ Tom - Waukesha WI

Super nice guys! Best service team I've had to deal with in years! I will recommend for sure! Thanks again :)

~ Katherine - Waukesha WI

Thanks so much. The carpets look and smell great!

~ Judy H. - Waukesha WI

Heaven's Best is all your carpet and floor needs in Waukesha WI