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High Quality Carpet Cleaning in Nashotah WI

We provide quality carpet cleaning services in Nashotah, WI and the surrounding areas. People love Heaven's Best because of our exceptional service and effective low moisture cleaning process. Give us a call at 414-202-8515 for a free quote today!

How Does Heaven's Best Clean Carpets in Nashotah?

Every carpet cleaning appointment starts with vacuuming. Most cleaners skip this step, which leaves dry soil, hair, dander, and other particles in your carpet. Those particles can be spread around during the cleaning process if you don't vacuum first. We vacuum every job every time - even the edges!


Next, we will mix up a pretreatment enzyme with hot water (we may ask to use a small amount of water from your sink). We spray this enzyme onto the carpet, where it breaks down dirt, grease, and oil, and helps stains release from the carpet fibers.

After the pretreatment works for a few minutes, we spray our citrus based cleaning solution and a mild orange deodorizer onto the carpet. Our technicians use a floor buffer with absorbent pads to scrub the carpet fibers, break up dirt and stains, and soak up the cleaning solution.


So where does the dirt go? It gets absorbed into our cleaning pads! We swap out the dirty pads for clean ones every few minutes, then we take the dirty pads with us when we leave.


As a final step we use a carpet rake to stand the fibers up and help them dry faster. Your carpets will be dry in about 1 hour!


Need a pet enzyme treatment or stain protector? We offer those services, too.


Are There Benefits to Low Moisture Cleaning?

With dozens of steam cleaners in Nashotah, why would we choose to use our unique low moisture process? Because it works! And it has some great benefits.


The biggest benefit and the one we hear about from customers all the time is our 1-hour dry time. Other methods will leave carpets wet for 12+ hours. We don't want to hold you hostage in your kitchen, waiting for the living room carpet to dry. Just 1 hour and you can get back to your normal life.


Our process removes dirt and stains easily, and the quick dry time keeps those stains from coming back. Ever hire a carpet cleaner to remove a stain, then a week later the stain reappears? That usually happens because the carpet took too long to dry. With our method, you don't have to worry about "stain wicking."


Low moisture carpet cleaning also uses about 10% as much water as steam cleaning or hot water extraction. That's good for the environment! Plus, we won't have to dump any waste water in your yard or down your drains.


How Long Does a Carpet Cleaning Appointment Take?

Our crew members are trained to do the job effectively and efficiently. And we send 2 crew members to almost every job! An average appointment will only take about 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on the size of the job and the condition of the carpet. Plus, just 1 hour to dry!


We know it can be an inconvenience to have your carpets cleaned. That's why we work quickly, quietly, and effectively so you can get back to enjoying your day and your newly refreshed carpets!


How Much Does Our Carpet Cleaning Cost?

Carpet cleaning prices in Nashotah vary quite a bit. Call 3 different companies and you'll get 3 very different prices. You may see rates as low as $10 per room. But let's be honest, nobody can make a living cleaning carpets for $10 per room. Those companies will usually add on as many services as possible once they get to your home. Suddenly your bill is $300!


That's not how Heaven's Best does business. We include everything needed to do the job right in our upfront pricing: vacuuming, pretreatment, cleaning and deodorizing. We won't try to upsell additional services you don't need when we get to your home. No pressure, just great service!


Some of our customers will just pay our $100 minimum for small jobs. An average customer in Nashotah will spend about $175 to clean their carpets. Give us a call today, and we will give you a custom quote over the phone. 414-202-8515


Check Out Our Testimonials from Customers in Nashotah

Customers in Nashotah love us! Just check out our reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. What do they like about Heaven's Best? Our 1-hour dry time, on time appointments, courteous crew members, and our fantastic results.

Heaven's Best is all your carpet and floor needs in Nashotah WI