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High Quality Carpet Cleaning in Big Bend WI

We provide quality carpet cleaning services in Big Bend, WI and the surrounding areas. People love Heaven's Best because of our exceptional service and effective low moisture cleaning process. Give us a call at 414-202-8515 for a free quote today!

How Do We Clean Carpets in Big Bend?

Every carpet cleaning appointment with Heaven's Best includes 4 basic steps: vacuuming, pretreatment, cleaning, and deodorizing.


We start by vacuuming all of the areas you want cleaned including the edges. This step is important for removing loose soil, hair, dander, and other loose particles from your carpet. Many cleaners skip this step and may spread these particles around during their cleaning process. Our crew members are trained to vacuum every job every time to ensure the best results. Need furniture moved? We are happy to move sofas, chairs, tables, etc. We will leave beds, dressers, china cabinets, and entertainment centers in place though.


Next, we mix up our pretreatment with a small amount of hot water (we may ask to use your kitchen sink for this). We spray this pretreatment on traffic areas, noticeable stains, and any other areas that have built up soil. The enzyme in our pretreatment breaks down dirt, grease, and oil, and helps release soil/stains from the carpet fibers.


After the enzyme has had a few minutes to work, we spray a citrus based cleaning solution onto the carpet. For that extra fresh smell, we always mix in a mild orange deodorizer into our cleaning solution (you may notice the citrus smell while we are cleaning). Our crew members use a floor buffer with absorbent pads to scrub the carpet fibers, remove dirt and stains, and soak up the cleaning solutions we applied to your carpet. Where does the dirt go? It gets picked up by our pads as we clean, and we swap out the dirty pads for clean ones every few minutes to remove the maximum amount of soil possible.


As a final step, we rake your carpet fibers to help them stand up and dry faster (it also removes the swirl marks from our floor buffer). That's it! Your carpet will dry in about 1 hour. That's why customers in Big Bend love us.


We also offer pet enzyme treatment, red stain removal, and stain protector for an additional fee. Be sure to ask about those treatments during your quote!


What Are the Benefits of Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning?

There are dozens of steam cleaners serving Big Bend, so why do we use our unique low moisture process instead of hot water extraction/steam cleaning? In short, because it works!


Our process allows us to remove dirt and stains without over-wetting your carpets. That means they dry faster (in about 1 hour) and stains don't have time to "wick" back to the surface. Have you ever had a carpet cleaner remove a stain, then the next day or the next week the stain comes right back? That's usually because the carpet stays wet for too long. Our 1-hour dry time virtually eliminates the risk of stain wicking.


Plus, our method uses 10% as much water as a steam cleaning, so it is more environmentally friendly. That also means we won't need to dump waste water on your property or down your drains after we are finished cleaning.


How Long Does an Appointment Take?

Our crew members are highly trained and efficient. On almost every job, we send 2 people to handle the work load. Most appointments will only take between 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on the size of the job, the soil level, and any additional treatments that are needed.


We know it's an inconvenience having people working in your home, so we do our work quietly, efficiently, and effectively so you can get back to your day.


What Is the Average Cost of Our Carpet Cleaning?

Our pricing is simple. It's based on the number of rooms, halls, stairs, etc you need cleaned. That makes it easy for us to give you a custom quote over the phone without having to schedule an appointment for us to walk through your home. Our rates start at $100 (our job minimum) and go up based on the size of the job. An average customer in Big Bend will spend about $175 with us, but it all depends on what you need cleaned.


What Are Customers in Big Bend Saying About Heaven's Best?

Customers in Big Bend love us! Our reviews speak for themselves. Customers love our on-time appointments, 1-hour dry time, professional crew members, and the carpet cleaning results we deliver.

Reviews were right ..... This is a excellent company to do your carpet !! I recommend highly !!

~ Carol S. - Big Bend ,WI

Heaven's Best is all your carpet and floor needs in Big Bend WI